Sightes Of Beauty In A Landscape Of Decay

The Project

Three towns of former industrial significance, the steel-making town of Jesenice, Slovenia, the mining settlement of Cave del Predil, Friuli-Julia-Venezia/Italy, and the market town and community of Feistritz im Rosental, Carinthia/Austria, all located close to each others' borders at the junction of the three countries, are the setting for this inter-disciplinary art project. With six examples of art in action in public spaces – installations, exhibitions and media projects – the hidden attractions of these apparently »ugly« places should be brought out into the open, thus providing both the local population and visitors from farther afield with new perspectives and fields of vision. Our goal is to strengthen both the regional identity and the exchange of cultural experience as well as to foster respect for »unsightliness« as a surprisingly rich pool and reservoir of aesthetic expression.

Our attention is directed principally at those topics which connect the three places with each other and which have already produced remarkable analogies: architecture and erosion; day-to-day culture; railway (history); regional museums; language minorities; water as a provider of energy.
A separate art project has been dedicated to each of these six areas.