1) ANBAHNUNG – Sights, Sites and Sides to the Railway
This project is a reminiscence on the railway as a form of transport that once »united peoples« in this region. The participants will be introduced to the bitter-sweet delights of the landscape and to a few of the less well-known sides to the history of the region. Special attention will be paid to the culture of the railway employees and to the history of working people.
ANBAHNUNG is set up as a twelve-hour »open-air exhibition«: A meandering rail journey evolves like a walk-through sculpture, beside which the landscape unfolds like a film. Individual »Frames« or »Stills« have specific »Markings« to make them recognisable. Buildings or outdoor locations which are significant for their cultural and historical »relations and connections« in the region are given particular prominence. A film director is the tour leader, and the group itself part of the atmosphere.
Locations: Feistritz, Rosenbach, Jesenice, Fusine; Tarvisio
Date: April 2002

2) DECAY & READYMADE – Beauty in Ugliness
Photographic installations – Media Project
Three photographic artists will be commissioned to artistically portray industrial architecture in Jesenice, Cave del Predil and Feistritz - all of which is decaying rapidly - by means of large posters or projections, each to be displayed in in a public area in the particular location. Attention should thereby be drawn and directed to their aesthetic quality as »Readymades« and to the »dignity« of the cultural history of these seemingly ugly ruins. Artists from Slovenia, Italy and Austria will participate.
Locations: Feistritz, Jesenice, Cave del Predil
Date: July 2002

3) MUSEUM MUSEO MUZEJ – Disruption
Artistic Interventions in the Museums
The MUSEUM MUSEO MUZEJ project aims to help the regional museums in Jesenice, Cave del Predil and Feistritz to receive greater attention from their localities by means of temporary »subversive« measures within the museum walls. Artists from a wide range of disciplines (pictorial art, literature, photography, architecture) will be invited to extend or to partially distort the existing collections with various »fakes« or thematically »inappropriate« objects or unusual interior installations.
Locations: Feistritz, Jesenice, Cave del Predil
Date: August 2002

4) KEINE KUNST NICHT – Installation-Art on Open Spaces
Exhibition Project
Artists from the three countries will enter into a dialogue with a variety of representatives of everyday culture. The numerous »informal« works of art and other aesthetically challenging products of daily culture that are to be found throughout Feistritz, Jesenice and Cave del Predil will be contrasted and confronted with installations and »implantations« by contemporary artists. The project is to be understood both as a training for artistic awareness and perception and as a forum for exposure to experimental forms of expression within art and an extended concept of art.
Locations: Feistritz, Jesenice, Cave del Predil
Date: September/October 2002

Media Project
Posters and slogans designed by artists will confront the inhabitants of Feistritz, Jesenice and Cave del Predil with fragments from the poetry of the minority languages of the other neighbouring countries (Feistritz: Serbian & Furlan; Jesenice: German & Italian; Cave del Predil: Slovenian & Romano).
The criterion for the selection of the poems will be that they include the concepts of beautiful or beauty. These will be highlighted in the texts and are the only words that will be translated (in a footnote) into the appropriate national language.
Locations: Feistritz, Jesenice, Cave del Predil
Date: November 2002

6) Watershed (Art in Flow)
Kinetic Action Art
The focus of this project will be on water as a supplier of energy and as a source of shape and form, in which art goes downstream – literally: Three fe- and male artists have been asked to create floating objects or »space Installations« on the topic of water. The main materials should be objects that have been washed up on the banks of the Save, the Rio del Lago or the Feistritzbach. The objects will then be »launched« in separate events on each of the rivers in Feistritz, Jesenice and Cave del Predil to then float downstream, passing the local audiences and constantly changing their shape and form.
Locations: Feistritz, Jesenice, Cave del Predil
Date: March 2003

III. Documentation
Schöne Öde / Bella Brulla / Lepa Pust (Wasted Beauty) will be permanently accompanied by a web site on the Internet and, on its conclusion, documented in a catalogue.

IV. Project Partners
Austria: K&K Kulturzentrum St. Johann/Øentjanæ
Slovenia: Muzej Jesenice
Italy: Unione dei circoli culturali Sloveni in Italia – Zveza slovenskih kulturnih druøtev